Vicenza Stone

A unique stone

Thanks to its refined aesthetic qualities and its warm, neutral colours, stone is particularly suitable both for classical and modern contexts. A typical characteristic of Vicenza stone is the fact that it tends to grow hard with time, because of its calcareous structure. It is therefore particularly suitable for large external surfaces. With their different colour gradations and original solutions, the various Vicenza stone types – Bianco Avorio, Giallo Dorato, Pietra del Mare,Grigio Argento and Grigio Alpi – enhance the overall effect of any kind of flooring, cladding and decoration, both classical and modern.

Thanks to its modern machinery, Grassi Pietre can process its Vicenza stone surface in several different ways: from honing to brushing, scratching, bush-hammering, sandblasting, etc.. This impressive portfolio of textures makes it possible for Grassi Pietre to offer the best custom-designed solutions for any kind of context and environment. Grassi Pietre also offers a series of different marble varieties, thus guaranteeing a wide choice of shades and colours, for the highest customer satisfaction.